Wednesday, July 24, 2013


How can it be that after the hottest week of the year - drenching, dry, empty rain barrel heat - there is a crispness in the air and something awakens in me? The yearning for autumn and brisk walks, preparing food and wood for a winter rest? Full moon and cooler air and I am transported to a place inside. This huge land where stories run free, where dreams and daydreams all happen under a sky with a full moon and billions of stars brighter than any daytime sun. A land of abundance and no want or need.

For a few minutes I slowed down today and sat still - what a great, vast power there is in just being...

So much of this process of learning about myself, about Permaculture, about the people and land around me, and about the Earth herself, is just observing. I know that I get caught up in the day to day things and stop seeing truth and acknowledging what is most important to me. This class on Permaculture is opening my eyes to situations and solutions and to the reality that nothing can ever change unless I stop long enough to see that every action, every interaction, every person, animal, plant that I come into contact with has value and something to teach me. It's my responsibility to live in a way that reflects and preserves this value.

Wonder. This world, this heart, this land is full of wonder...and it is just the beginning of discovery.

The sunflower has two flowers!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Simple Canvas...

Last Thursday I took a big leap and cut my hair (after growing it out forever). I rarely go to a salon, so I enjoyed the girl time of talking about hair color, changes with age, weight loss, identity and all of that. It surprised me that I enjoyed it so much! Taking a little time to recreate a look or just to acknowledge a part of me that was being neglected. Whatever the reason, it was fun! 

That being said, it seems that the need for this change felt a lot like my "need" to have steamers a couple of times in the summer - or the "need" to make a trip to the ocean or the woods. It's not who I am, but these activities are things I enjoy once in awhile. The practical reality is that its hot and I wanted a simpler haircut to deal with, and I love the haircut and new look.

 So Friday, I felt strange, but still went to work and had a normal day - came home and dressed to go out Friday night for dinner and wine tasting.  By Saturday morning, I was in  a full-fledge allergic reaction to? the hair dye? the wheat filled hair products?  Whatever it was, it was miserable.

And this is when reality hit me...I complicated this myself.

My life is simple because it needs to be.  I have a gluten intolerance and am super sensitive to lactose, so when I sprayed the hairspray and used the gel that had wheat in it...well, lets just say I've been out of work for 2 days and can go back to work tomorrow (Wednesday). I finally feel a bit better. This experience was a good reminder...

I'm not fancy, but I really like this new haircut! Swearing off all hair products though :)
I eat simply, because I feel better when I do.
I eat local and organic because I don't like being sick and it tastes better!
I live in a small house because it's easier to care for and keep clean.
I don't have a car or drive because I like to walk, meet people and have conversations.
I study Permaculture because I want to be a positive part of repairing the ecology and living sustainably.

My realization is that this desire to live simply and sustainably and with as little impact as possible on the Earth's resource, is one of the most complicated ideas I have ever studied and I love it.

Only a simple canvas of a life will give this complex being - I am discovering in myself - a place to explore.