Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Are there words for this?
I hold images in my mind of people, places, things that inspire me.
Drive me to continue connecting.
This connectedness is everything.
I know this is true - even though I don't understand it fully.
With each thing I throw away or give away.... I find space.
It is the same in the physical world as the mental and the emotional world.
Each thing I let go of opens a space for something special to be revealed.
I am constantly surprised by who and what has meaning.
This world is a beautiful, amazing place to live.
I am starting to see that my experiences are what matters.
Talking about doing something is not the same as doing.
I am seeing how important it is to keep things simple.
Simple doesn't mean easy. Dig a garden bed, plant bulbs.
Simple, direct, participating in the event I am involved in.
Not imagination, not daydreaming.
Earth, shovel, dig, plant.
In removing things physically and changing negative thoughts and ideas...
physically, mentally and emotionally, there is freedom.
And to the surface of my mind come the words, people, ideas,
that rally around me - in my heart - and give it strength.
This is not fortune or luck - it is only acknowledgement of what already is.
Beauty, peace, love, friendship...life.
This prayer of doing extends beyond me or my understanding.
And I am choosing not to miss it.
What a great adventure it is turning out to be!

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