Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 16: The Minimalism Game

Day 16: The Minimalism Game  - Halloween / Autumn Decorations

Over the years I have collected decorations for the holidays and seasons that are all sorted in bins. As I was putting Halloween away today I realized that 2/3 of what I had in the bin was old and useless. I am planning to donate the decorations still in boxes and the rest: dried up make-up, broken decorations and ripped costumes will be thrown away.

16 items - I counted the pile of paper decorations and the pile of glow in the dark skeletons as one item each...

Donations and trash

What I kept:  a few favorites that we use every year - some large pumpkins and some metal and ceramic decorations. If the time comes that we no longer use these, I will donate them also.

Goal:  this is the end of decoration purchasing. 

Observations:  I find that I have been pushing aside a bulk of items to find the few I use. All stored and organized nicely in a rubbermaid - out of sight, but still a time sink when I wanted to find something specific. The few things I have kept, I use every year.

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