Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Long Winter's Nap

Most of my posts lately have been about the Minimalism Game. I am thoroughly enjoying this process of touching every item in this house and making a decision if it is useful or not. We have donated clothing and shoes, recycled many items, passed things on to people who will use them next. This simplifying, for me, started a couple of years ago with a few different blogs that I read and a great many books.

The driving force, however, is the desire to reverse the balance in my life - where people are most important and I spend my time with people, and where things are minimal and useful and don't consume my time and space.

For the holidays this year, beginning with Thanksgiving - we decided to simplify.

For us, it means not renting a car, not putting someone else in a position of being responsible for picking us up and getting us home. Most importantly, it meant relaxing and cooking a meal and sharing it with our kids and a couple of friends.

It's simple. I love my family and friends. I also enjoy the holidays a great deal. But the chaos that ensues had to change.

For Christmas - we are staying home. For the first time since I was a child, I will get up and make something delicious for breakfast, open gifts with the four of us and then slowly cook and enjoy our Christmas dinner. People will stop by, some of us may head out to visit others, but Rob & I will be home on Christmas.

I'm the oldest of seven and it seems right that it is my responsibility to make the change first. As my children head into their lives at lightening speed and add amazing relationships and new jobs and places of their own in the coming year, I realize that this could be our last holiday like this. I want to slow down and really treasure the time together. Of course, we are striving for this all the time, but life is so busy lately that it has been difficult to find a moment of peace.

So I'm taking back the moment. We will see most of our family and friends over the course of December and there have already been several fun events. The world is pulling us constantly through work demands, technology keeps us on call 24/7, all of it. I need a break to recharge.

Starting on December 20th, I am on vacation for a couple of weeks. Time to celebrate, visit with friends and family, volunteer for a local group to bring them Christmas, recharge and get back my creative energy.  I spend many moments in my day searching for complete sentences. I'm burnt out and tired and need a long winter's nap.

Imagine the fire crackling in the wood stove, hot coffee brewing, soft pajamas, a warm blanket, favorite game or book, people around you (in person or in spirit) that you love, other dog / cat / human companions, and napping at every opportunity.

Today and in the new year, treasure the smallest of details and really be present for your life. Make the mundane tasks into adventures!

Whatever it is that recharges your creative energy and warms your heart - I wish that for you.

Peace. Hope. Joy.

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