Monday, June 25, 2012

Lodge Cast Iron Grill

When we purchased our wood stove, we also bought a few key pieces of cast iron cookware from Lodge and for Father's Day we got Rob a new grill that can use charcoal or wood. We tried it for the first time last night and the grill is pretty amazing.  We used basically some kindling and started a fire, it heated up great and cooked the food beautifully.

I was hoping to find something that did not depend on a resource that we had to purchase. This will allow us to cook in Summer without using the cook top and without the use of gas, propane, etc. Basically our scraps from gathering and preparing wood for next Winter will cook our food all Summer.

Also, if we do any traveling or camping, it is small - although very heavy - grill that will not take up a lot of travel or storage space.  It is perfect!  I also like that we can have a fire in the city that is safe and controlled, but still a "campfire".

The only problem with this grill ... the book of more amazing Lodge pans that came with it! 


  1. YUM! That looks delicious :) I love a good cast iron pan...

  2. I love a pan that practically cleans itself! :)