Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Fruits

Last night, the laughter of our "children" and their friends hanging out and talking filled up something in me that is emptied by the time we all spend apart and busy. It pleases me so much to have them enjoy our home as much as we do. A couple of drinks in the garden and laughter through the window. It's all a parent really can ask for - that their children get along and like each other, enjoy and respect the home they live in and are grateful. Everything else is just working out details...

Even though today is June 2nd, it is raining and only 60 degrees out - and tonight is supposed to be only 50! It reminds me so much of vacations when there would be a rainy day and we would light a fire and make the most of the rain. So, when the rain let up Rob & I went out to look around the garden and picked a radish for our salad! Then we got some wood from the shed and built a fire to take the damp and chill out of the house. It felt like a real day off today of sleeping in and hot coffee perked on the wood stove.  Time slowed down and rest so desperately needed with the rush of life lately. 

Our little cabin in the city is such a refuge from every storm.

This radish was sweet and delicious - nothing like the dried out radishes
from the store. 
If you have never grown anything - I would suggest planting radishes. Easy to grow and so delicious and good for you! 

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