Monday, June 25, 2012

Snap Peas and Tomatoes

One of the ideas we read about was to plant Snap Peas very early in the season and also plant tomatoes in the same bed. Today we cut down and harvested the snap peas and composted the crate of shredded greens. This is a great learning experience - as everything is this year - some of the snap peas needed to be taken out of the pods because they were too far past the eating as a pod stage. Some were perfect and we enjoyed them last night with grilled chicken.

Observations from this experiment?  I would not grow tomatoes with this type of bean because of the dense growth.

The dense growth of peas on the green frame
We kept a couple of servings as snap peas (whole) and froze some to use as
peas in delicious curry :)

The bed now has small tomatoes that were able to grow underneath.
We also planted cucumbers and peppers in this bed in the empty spaces. In our list of things we'll plant again next year - I definitely want to grow at least one bed of the sugar snap peas - they are so delicious and grow well in our garden.

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