Sunday, July 15, 2012

An unexpected rest...

I went to the Podiatrist this week and until I see him again on August 10th, I can't go back to work. I'm in an air cast to immobilize my ankle - the injury was more serious than I realized and I recommend that if you are having any pain when you walk - please get it checked out rather than bearing with it like I did. I can handle or manage most things, but this had me in tears and I will do whatever I have to - to be able to have a regular day again without this cast.

So, this break has afforded me some time to think and remember some projects that I have been neglecting, and also to think past Summer to the coming Winter. We have put so much effort into building up and planting the garden that some time spent on the indoor projects is needed. I can't do a lot of moving around, but I can do research, sort through paperwork and do filing, and work on the story I have been writing.

Another question came to mind after reading one of my favorite blogs Choosing Voluntary Simplicity:  What is enough?  So I have been thinking that I love being in the garden because of the patterns, smells, small gatherings of plants and art, etc.  It has me thinking of what I would like the inside of the house to look like, and feel like - and I want it to be the same as the garden.  We have plenty of plants inside, so that is already part of the decorating. I would like to create a peaceful, relaxing, organized place to write and spend time with family and friends.

There are definitely things that need to be sold, or given away and much that needs to be organized. So during these weeks "off" I have a great opportunity to do a little each day to work toward this vision. I spent the past week filing, sorting through paperwork, setting up files and rediscovering poetry and stories and am inspired to continue on with writing. I am looking at each thing I come across for its value to me and if I cannot store it (holiday / seasonal ) and there is no place to display it - then it is time for it to be passed along to someone else. It is so surprising to me that even in our small home, so many little places exist that gather things that seem valuable at the time, but lay forgotten for so long. I have designated one table to be a gathering place for sentimental items from trips, small found objects and gifts.  This will be a better way to keep these special items in a place where I can enjoy them more often.

I am just beginning this process, but I have found that my "enough" would be a home that is simple, beautiful, energy efficient, sustainable, practical...where we use what we have, but have a place to store   a little extra if we need to weather some situation.

The personal process is one of stepping back from the cycle of consuming and seeing that I really have more than enough clothing, food, possessions, etc. I don't need more, and more than likely don't need all I have.

As in the article on Choosing Voluntary Simplicity  - I don't think the number of items really is the answer for me, but the quality of life is. I don't want to be consumed with the laundry, dishes, clutter, disorganized finding of things when needed...If I cannot handle the day to day of this - the only answer can be that it is too much.

I want my time to be spent on more meaningful things - like family and friends, writing, music, gardening, etc.  and as the process unfolds, and the clutter is dealt with - room for each of these things opens inside of the house, and inside of my mind...and an unexpected rest becomes an opportunity for so much more.

A beautiful yellow Nasturtium 

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