Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blizzard Nemo!

So, there's a storm coming...Blizzard Nemo.

I wish that some of the previous names like Draco or Khan had been the big storm, because Nemo just doesn't sound so tough. And wouldn't it be awesome to stand in 3 feet of snow and yell KHAAAAAN!  But this is New England. The cutest, meekest name becomes "Historic, Crippling Storm" or as they as saying now "2 feet with locally more" or my favorite "36 - 40 inches locally".

I can't help it - I have a little excitement in my gut like I did when we were kids. SNOW DAY! Although I do have to go to work in the morning, I will be home for noon before it gets really bad. People are doing what they need to - shopping, etc. We went out to dinner. Some wine and a delicious meal at Rosalina's Italian Kitchen and we are ready for the storm. Some people are worked up and in a panic - out buying into the stock up and be prepared for what will be hopefully only a couple of days of snow.

Don't get me wrong, we have things that we have to prepare. While Rob is getting enough kindling and wood ready for the wood stove for the weekend, I am making sure our icepacks are in the freezer, solar lights and flashlights are charged, electronics are charged, and dishes and laundry are clean. The worst that could happen would be loss of power, hot water, etc. So we make sure clothing is clean, water jugs are filled for washing up. Since we recently dealt with a water main break, we make sure there is tap water in bottles that can be boiled if needed.

All of this only amounts to a small amount of time and no stress at all because we already have these things done. As a mom, I also want to be sure our kids are in a safe place and have what they need. Mostly, this is a conversation and them reassuring me that they are fine.

Governor Duvall has asked that everyone that can stay home tomorrow and everyone else be off the roads by noon. He also asked that all school districts cancel school. So hopefully people listen and are smart about staying home if possible. It's comforting to see that the decision makers are taking this seriously.

Now, I am off to finish putting clothes away and making sure everything is in order. Then it's just a matter of riding out the storm.

I remember the Blizzard of '78 - we had no power, so no heat and had to go to a neighbors house for a few days - possibly a week until we had power back, and then there was nothing - no school, no church, nothing for 3 weeks. North Brookfield shut down except lots of sledding and playing outside. Cars stranded on highways for miles and a snowdrift up to my second floor window. I remember that feeling of having no choice about the heat and having to leave our house in the middle of a storm, maybe that contributed to my desire to always be ready for a storm? I'm sure it did.

Now, it's just the waiting...

It's only 9:00 on Friday night and it looks like this already...we still have the whole night and tomorrow to go. I hope everyone is staying put and enjoying a quiet night in! It's only a few inches of snow so far, but the wind is ridiculous...

Fruit and Nut trees sticking out of the snow

Rob made a beginning path so Pippin could get out...
it's hard to tell how much actually fell  - at least 2 feet.

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