Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kindred Spirits

I can’t help but be reflective today. Yesterday it was my birthday, and when I look at the people I have in my life today, or have had in my life in the past, it really amazes me how fortunate I am.

My heart is tied to all of you, in so many places, and with many different reasons that we have met and known each other. I have been thinking a lot about this lately – why people come in and out of our lives and I really believe we can learn from everyone. I have been greatly hurt and greatly loved by people, and each of those situations has contributed to how I treat people and live my life today.

If I met you in childhood, grade school, or high school, band, chorus, or singing in a church group, recording albums, or singing in concerts across the US, born into your family or have become part of your family, gave birth to you, or married you, worked with you or for you, gamed with you, shared a chat on the bus, or in a restaurant, confided my whole life and secrets to you, or ventured to unknown places in far off lands with you, sang a song for you, or listened while you sang, wrote great stories with you, gave my heart to you, or took it back, was laughing, eating or drinking with you, or cried the hardest tears I have ever cried, hoped for you, spent hours in prayer for you,  have been offended by you, admired you, respected you, have been inspired by you to be a better person, looked up to you, danced on your feet when I was young, learned to cook, bake and clean with you, learned to garden with you, laughed at my mistakes with you, sat in a basement and rolled dice with you, celebrated at your wedding, comforted you in divorce, saw your children being born, shared your victories and defeats, watched you leave and move on. Met you gaming online, in forums or blogs, Shared your laughter and your tears, and sat quiet in the darkest moments, not knowing what to do, but just being there while you were hurting. Despised you or loved you with all of my heart.

The results are the same: I am changed by knowing you – all of the beautiful, wise, kind, brilliant, creative, genius, talented, amazing people that I have kept in my life.

There are no riches in this world greater than the community of kindred spirits that we gather to ourselves and live our lives with. Some we keep close and others move on, but all change us – even if it’s just a little, and I think we are better for it. Like fine wine aged in a barrel, we are aged along with the people we allow into our lives and develop a depth and flavor that we would not have otherwise accomplished.  I cannot take credit for who I am, but can be grateful for this day and show my appreciation for what I have been given. 

I don’t always express it well, but I am always grateful and humbled by you. I need every one of you to be who I am.

Thank you.


  1. Michele, that photo of yours is so cute!!!! You write beautifully, I really enjoyed reading it. Garine