Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peas to Rebuild the Soil

The peas we planted in 3 of the beds are finally growing. These beds will later hold Tomatoes. The plan is to grow the peas for as as long as possible, chop them down and leave them to rebuild the soil. This worked well last year. One of the beds will have a great cherry tomato that was delicious and produced for many weeks, and two will have canning tomatoes. 

Some of the goals we have for this season:

  ~ Lettuce, Arugula and perennial greens - as much as possible in rotation.
  ~ Enough carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes canned to get us through the
  ~ Learning more about culinary and medicinal herbs - and how to harvest an
      store them.
  ~ Adding many more flowers and plants that are beneficial for insects.

It's all such a great experiment!

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