Thursday, November 7, 2013

A New Kind of Game: Days 1-7

I really enjoy the writings and attitude of The Minimalists 
and although I missed the first round, 
I am playing The Minimalist Game for November...

Here's how it works - on November 1st, I got rid of one thing, the 2nd, two...
the 3rd, three and will continue on through to November 30th...30 things!

Here is my first week, not difficult to get rid of things out of excess, 
but I expect that it will get more interesting as the days go on...
I think the stories are important - so here they are. 
A bit vulnerable for me, but necessary for this process.  

Day 1: A broken frame, boxed and useless - tucked in between two pieces of furniture 
in the basement for, I would estimate, 8 years.

Day 2: The last of the television graveyard - two 15" televisions that are never used.

Day 3:  The story of FREE - Giveaway metal drinking containers, piled on a shelf, and very clearly collecting dust. My advice is to stay away from the giveaways...
Volunteer, clean up, give your time, but leave the free stuff there.

Day 4:  Four boxed things that haven't been touched since childhood 
or silly whims abandoned them.

Day 5:  Harry Potter Collectibles, dusted off for E-bay.
If they don't sell - they aren't mine and will leave the house another way.
It's important that my November be my stuff, but I can help get things ready for selling 
or donating if other family members want to play too!

Day 6:  Opened a drawer in the basement and found a strange array of empty containers and 
covers to things long gone...I think of this as the "what if I need it someday" dilemma. 
More to come on this as the days go on...

Day 7:  Miscellaneous cookbooks - duplicates or destroyed from use.
Books are being recycled or donated as needed.

Reflection from the first 7 days?  
There are 3 empty shelves and a couple of recycling bins ready to go.
I'm putting the Bagster out in the driveway and bagging stuff up to donate.

I am enjoying the Minimalist Game! I haven't known where to start, 
and even though this is a slow start, 
I expect that I will be changed by the end of it.

I am doing this to make room for people, and stories I want to write,
to simplify what I need to do each day and make my daily routine easier.

Who wants to play?
Start where you are and do what you can...

Less is most definitely more.


  1. This game sounds so much fun, I wish that it were that easy for me since Billy has a lot of stuff in his closet that would/could be gone through and a lot of it he doesn't really need since it has been sitting in his closet in boxes for the nearly 51/2 years that we have been here. I to could go through some kitchen cabinets and get rid of a few mugs, dishes, and other items. I will definitely consider this game but I don't know if I would be able to follow the day=how many things.... :)

  2. The game is for you and your stuff - not anyone else, unless they ask for help :) If you want to play, just do what you can.