Monday, November 7, 2011

Bread and Stew

Autumn, rise, Sunday.
Hearty food and harder work.
Simple perfection.

Grinding flour for bread.

Mixing in the other ingredients

Bread Rising

These Anchor Hocking jars are the best storage for everything!

Kneaded for 10 mins, shaped and placed in pie tin to rise.

A little oatmeal....

Finished loaf cooling.

Assembling the ingredients for the first time I have cooked beef stew on the wood stove.
I used veggies we canned and some of the ground flour to bread the beef.

Breaded and seasoned beef with garlic and onions.
(after melting bacon fat in the pan)

Simmering the stew.


And stew! What added so much to this was the smoky Paprika. Yum!

This day was so amazing for me. To take canning jars with food we prepared and stored, the process of building a fire and heating the stove and cooking, the time invested in this quality of day.

Before this meal, I cut back hostas and mulched the flower beds with them and built a pile of sticks and mulch into a bed for the squash, watermelon, pumpkins in the Spring.

Participating in this life - it's all any of us really can do, and it's miraculous. This is a dream and what I would do every day. Bake bread, brew coffee, plant my garden and create the conditions for the magic of life to happen.