Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our little house on the hill

This Buddha was a gift from Rob for Christmas and now is sitting in the river bed we made!

As I sit here, Christmas gift giving is finished and a two week vacation has begun. It seems that our small piece of the world is peaceful and grateful and relaxing in the gifts that we have been given. I am happy in this place, our little house on the hill is warm and dry as the wind and rain is beating against the windows. A fire is crackling in the wood stove and the coffee is hot, and the only thing waiting to be done is some time playing Skyrim.

Christmas is over and now begins one of my favorite times of year. Taking inventory of the previous year and looking forward to the new year, this time is always a time of reflection for me.

Looking back at the year, I can see so many small ways that life changed and together they have grown into a visible collection of changes before my eyes.

Our decisions to live simply and require less, and to find ways to grow our own food have led to installing a wood cook stove and preparing the garden beds for Spring, and canning our food. With 40-50 different types of seeds to grow, this year will be an experiment to see what grows best here, and fruit trees and vines to be installed in the Spring should provide what we need for jelly and jams.

I learned so much – like how you cannot depend on books for everything. In November there was still lettuce growing and it was delicious. An October snowstorm supplied at least ½ cord of wood for next Winter. Opportunities to observe nature around us and to see the world differently are abundant.

I also learned a few things about myself: that my need to be out in nature is crucial, I need to be creative, I must make music and be surrounded with positive people and ideas. There is so much to be grateful for and so much is changing, mostly I am changing. I see opportunity for growth and learning in everything that is happening.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
2012 promises to be a year of change…welcome, welcome change.

"Things do not change, we change." - Henry David Thoreau


Some different things I tried for the holidays:

Cookie Swap at Work - so fun!

Making Necklaces & Ornaments as gifts =)

And cooking Swedish pancakes for the first time on the wood stove...awesome.

The holidays have been full of visiting friends & family.
I am so grateful for all we have been given.

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