Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I would spend the entire day sitting and watching things grow
nature does the most amazing magic - flowers appear overnight and seeds germinate in days
and all we can do, really, is promise not to miss it or take it for granted.

The Chive, Marigolds and Blue Poppy seeds are pushing through the soil, 
the peas are growing like crazy and the Clover is sprouting in rings around the fruit trees - 
which are already showing signs of green. 

Like every year since we moved in, the violets take over every space they can. 
They just volunteer to be here and line the driveway and fences and 
pop up randomly in the yard.

In what seems like minutes - all of this happens, and I am changed.
Every time I go away and forget, and then come back and am amazed again. 
If only I could call these miracles to mind when I am in difficult situations, 
so I can hold to my promise...

this is my life's work.

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