Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday Month & Twisted Trees

March is the month of our birthdays. I am always a big fan of consumables like chocolate and alcohol, but this year, we both wanted something different.  

Renee is one of my co-workers who has an incredibly talented husband. His business is making walking sticks out of found wood. I wanted so much to get one for Rob for his birthday, and when I saw the variety to choose from, I knew I had to have one too!

Our new Walking Sticks

The one on the left is Rob's - there is a face in the knots near the top that is really cool. The one on the right is mine.  I really liked the way the vine wound around it - it reminded me of a druid staff I had once in game I played...

The most important thing is that these are super practical with the hiking that we will be doing this summer with the ranger work and reporting. And they are beautiful!

If you want one for yourself - here is the information....

The Man with the Twisted Trees

The surprise for my birthday came in the form of new garden tools that I really love. The quality of the Hori Hori (the dagger looking digging/cutting tool) and the Hand Saw make them beautiful and super easy to use.    

Japanese Hori Hori, Felco Hand Saw and Felco Pruners

Today I had a chance to test out the hand saw - cutting kindling from branches that we have gathered and need to clear out (and use)to make room for the next round of collecting wood.

Our gifts have become so much more practical and useful and the quality is very important. I have tested all three of the tools out that I got and they are amazing. I expect they will last a long time and help with many projects.

As always, we were spoiled by our kids with gifts of our favorite drink and gift card to our favorite coffee place/bookstore. 

Spring is here, and the flowers are blooming. Work is also here, in abundance.  The fruit trees arrive soon, and the herb spiral is built and waiting for herbs to be planted. With each project, we move steadily along to the next...

Stronger for the work and happier in the doing of it.

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