Sunday, December 1, 2013

Days 27 & 28: The Minimalism Game

The Minimalism Game:  Days 27 & 28 - Work Space

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and spent time with some of our family and friends, and I headed to work on Friday morning knowing that it would be slower than usual. So my plan was to see if I could do one of the days of the game cleaning up my desk.

It turned out that I was able to declutter 55 things off of my desk and out of drawers for days 27 & 28. I had been keeping copies of magazines and newpapers for accounts of mine that had advertised over the past couple of years, however, most everything we sell advertising into can be viewed in a digital format, so no need to keep paper copies.

I returned extra office supplies to the cabinet they came from. 
I securely disposed of account folders and information that is no longer relevant. 
I consolidated notes to one place, and information I use daily into a binder.
I brought home the holiday decorations I use at work - to store in the Autumn/Halloween decoration tote. 

I washed off my desk and this is no longer in my little space to distract me.

Goals: keep only what is needed - keep my space current at work

Observations: I have decided is that I am fine with getting rid broken and unused decorations, but I am keeping the things I use to decorate the house, etc. It's one of my favorite part of the holidays! I need some connection to home when I am at work, and small decorations keep me connected.

When I looked around my space after clearing it, I knew where everything is to do my job physically and digitally: information I need to answer calls and sell advertising. Basic quick answers are at my fingertips and I feel less stressed about going to work tomorrow.

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