Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Game Changer

In November I started the Minimalism Game - it was excellent.  With with all of the activities of the holidays, in December the game and posting lost momentum and I came to this conclusion this week:

If I continue to count every single thing that I'm getting rid of - I will go insane. 

So it's a new adventure now. I've been donating, trashing, recycling, shredding and cleaning and will continue to do so. This continues to create space in our home and in myself. I have found treasures and instead of keeping all of my collections, I am keeping only favorites and passing on the rest to someone new.

My observations? 

I recommend everyone do one 30 day round of it every year, because it really changes your focus about what is truly needed. I am planning on December in 2014.
The excess has been overwhelming. (storage, upkeep, clutter, etc.)
I don't need to purchase a single thing in the new year - other than consumables.
I have everything I need to create crafts, music, stories, memories, gifts, and adventures.
If I lost everything I possess and still had my friends and family - the previous statement would remain true. 

There are great tools that assist in life, but all that is fun and interesting - and every great adventure - must begin within us. It has nothing to do with what we own and everything to do with who we are.

This process has shown me the generosity of the people around me and brought generosity toward others to the forefront of my mind and heart.

Here's to less stuff and more adventure in 2014!

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