Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Small" Changes

Usually I post a lot of pictures and explain what we are working on - sharing and keeping a record. Today I just want to share another little victory.

Today Bird's Nest (Bottle) Gourds, Watermelon and Black Beauty Eggplant seeds pushed their little selves out of the soil. The torrential rains last night and the warm ground must have given them extra encouragement. Again, I don't know what will happen from this point on - but I am enjoying this moment. When you walk in the garden every day, there are obvious changes daily. Sometimes even from morning to evening, such as pea pods appearing out of a flower...

It seems so impossible that with a 100x50 lot (including the house), in one of the largest cities in New England, such a magical thing can happen.

If we can restore the conditions needed for plants to grow in such a way - letting nature do what she does, then maybe some other things that are broken would be renewed if conditions were changed - even just a little.

For me, a walk in the garden reminds me that even with all of its challenges - life is good...and when it isn't, just a small change can have a great result!

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