Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet Potato Slips and Lupine

It seems that I would be posting the same few pictures of the same SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).  This bed of Sweet Potatoes began the same as the other beds, cardboard on the grass, soil, manure and then we used a stick to poke holes in through the soil (and cardboard) and put the Sweet Potato slips (Johnny's Selected Seeds) into the holes, filled them with water and then covered them with soil. And now we wait.

Again, it's just the beginning. But I can look out the window into a yard that fills more and more each day with green...what a beginning it is!

We used the log near the "dry" river bed

Lupine starting to grow

Around the fruit trees we have Vetch, Nasturtium, Clover, and a perennial Lupine.  Today is the first time Lupine appeared! All of these plants are meant to feed the soil, keep moisture near the ground for the fruit trees and attract good insects for pest control and pollination. Oh - the Nasturtium is also completely edible, stems, leaves, and flowers. So we'll have lots of greens until next year when we let the fruit grow =)

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