Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 21: Minimalism Game

Day 21: Minimalism Game - Bags and Binders

The discovery of a storage container of yet more bags prompted Day 21. I didn't remember I had them, and never use them, and had forgotten them in the depths of the basement.

So, twenty one bags and office supplies - primarily binders gone.

Goals? Not to buy another bag or office supply. I am fairly sure I only have the bags I use now, but I have to say, I'm not 100% sure that it's all gone - until I empty every shelf, storage container and box in this house, I will not be able to say they are all gone.

Observations:  I thought I would be reaching to meet the goals during the 20+ days and I am just now making a dent in the excess that is around me.  Also - I am only dealing with my own stuff.

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