Friday, September 6, 2013

Rest and Healing

A week ago Monday, I was feeling really lousy and decided I would go to work anyway...
By 1:00 my head was on my desk, and I don't remember much more than that.

Fever was 101. My temp is usually 97.6 - so this was a high fever.

My doctor put me out of work - returning on Friday.
Friday may have been too soon.

This cold/virus/whatever was kicking my ass.

I haven't had a fever for YEARS. I don't remember how long. A really long time.

The moments I have gathered (and remembered) from the past 5 days:

Daytime television should mostly be outlawed for stealing brain cells.
As long as I stick with the cooking network/food network/HGTV I could learn something.

The middle of the night, crickets singing, is an amazingly detached an unreal place to be awake.
I remember being a kid and being up in the night to write. I wish I had been feverless and coherent enough to write this week because I was up through several nights, every couple of hours.

This past week, I did very little physically, and tried to just do the work I needed to and go home.

It's not the flu, it's just this miserable cold, which is better than last week, and hopefully on its way out!

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