Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On nights like tonight...

On nights like tonight -
full moon and crickets singing
louder than I've heard in a long time,
I wish that all the lights could all go out
just for a moment.

Computer, TV, Cell phone, off - never ending distractions.

Just long enough for people to stand outside together
and look to the sky -
to the billions of stars that hang above us.
Long enough to stop and remember
their place in this universe.
to remember their dreams...
their neighbors...
their voice...
their families...
to remember whatever they have forgotten.

The city is a great place to live,
but as it wraps around us and lulls us to sleep,
with this constant light and motion,
we forget that just above us

The moon is always full
the sun is always shining
the stars are an uncountable,
Never changing, constant.

When I am feeling closed in,
I remember the Vermont or Kansas sky at night.
The vast space, the endless possibilities,
the smallness of self in the big scheme of things,
and I stop taking myself so seriously,

As I listen to the night singing under the full moon,
I am sure that with enough time,
a song will come to me and bring the familiar
comfort of childhood when I heard music everywhere.

~Michele Couture

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