Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacationing at Home

Vacation is this week from Saturday the 3rd through Sunday the 11th.

I wasn't really counting Saturday or Sunday for activities and projects, we just had a nice relaxing weekend.

Saturday we went for lunch at the Boynton and then hung out with our friend Bob to watch the final 4 episodes of Season 2 of Game of Thrones. Great company, great show and a great kickoff for the week. Bob just bought a house nearby and it's so cool to have another friend nearby.

Sunday was our 18th Anniversary so we took it easy, no projects or anything. Just a good amount of rest and dinner out at the 111 Chophouse - which was amazing and a fun way to celebrate!

This weekend was fun for me also because I had some sightings of things I haven't seen before in our yard/neighborhood...

I was sitting in the back garden on Saturday morning and a Hummingbird came up to some flowers about 5 feet away from me. It was the first time I have seen one in our yard! They are so amazing.

Saturday night at Bob's we were walking outside to see the yard and the pear tree and after we went in side we looked out the window and saw a wild rabbit hanging out in the yard. Luckily we have not personally seen rabbits in the our garden. It was really neat to see the rabbit roaming around his yard.

Saturday I also heard a different bird song outside the window and looked out to see the Goldfinches on the Sunflowers. This time last year, as the Sunflowers and Jerusalem Artichokes were blooming, the Goldfinches came around. So beautiful!

One decision my husband and I have made is that we really don't need to exchange gifts anymore. I can't think of anything more that I need and we both prefer a nice dinner out together - rather than gifts we don't really need.

Lemon Sorbetto with a special message from the waitstaff

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  1. That is really nice that you were/are relaxing and the special message on your sorbet. Happy Anniversary!!!