Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacationing at home: Day 1

Day 1:

Having this week off from working at my job, and the free time it creates - gives me much time to relax. I slept in over the weekend and really rested, and today, when I woke up I found that the projects I wanted to get done are slowly getting started.

The end of Summer creates a long list of things to do to get ready for the winter.  Well, let's be honest about it - I always have a list of projects I am working on. Today all of the different flours I ordered arrived - so the rest of this week will include some new gluten free baking.I also have the measuring tools, etc. that I ordered to work on my Permaculture final of designing our house and land to be sustainable. Once that is done and uploaded, I will be certified in Permaculture.

Today, we took a little vacation trip in Worcester. We went down the hill and caught the bus up to Lincoln Plaza. It's truly a beautiful (almost autumn-like) day and after we got off the bus we browsed around Target, but didn't find anything we needed. We went to Barnes and noble and got a double espresso, bought a movie on sale and a book called Vegetable Literacy that groups plants together by family for growing and cooking.

After the bookstore, we walked over to the grocery store and I found a bread to try with gluten-free ingredients. I want to try the bread so I know if the flavor is something I really want to duplicate by figuring out recipes for gluten-free breads.  We picked up a couple of other things at the grocery store and headed back home on the bus.

What I realized is that when there is no hurry, time slows down so much. Waking up is just waking up, brewing coffee is brewing coffee and it's all enjoyable because time has slowed down. Being rested is the most noticeable difference - oh, and the stress level is non-existent.

When we got home, we relaxed for awhile, and then set up a Bagster to get rid of some broken lamps and an old bed, etc. Nothing that can be salvaged or donated.  The shed is almost empty now, and ready for the firewood we will have delivered for winter. This has been on my mind because it is only August and already heading into the 50's. Autumn seems pretty close right now! We set up the screenhouse to sit in while we are home this week.

After a dinner of delicious leftovers from dinner last night - I planted a new Sage plant and we watered the garden, and it's only 7:00. My natural flow of interests now moves to write, study the Permaculture course and work on my final design.

There is also more than enough time to wash the few dishes we use and do a load of laundry while I study. Time spreads out and is more than enough for everything. If I change my mind and decide to pay guitar or clean the basement - it doesn't matter. When there is time, everything gets done.

It feels like a vacation to wander in bookstores unbridled by any time constraint and let creativity flow in a natural way. By the end of this week the stack of projects - that sit in the back of my mind during a work week - will be done in a relaxed and fun way.

Bagster bag full

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  1. Good for you on your first day of vacation, may the rest of your week be as relaxing and rejuvinating.