Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 24: The Minimalism Game

Day 24:  The Minimalism Game :  Card games and more office supplies

I continued the sorting through office supplies, notebooks, journals and cards games, along with miscellaneous stuff.  More of the same gone.

It feels great to be getting rid of things that are incomplete, unused, unusable, and no longer relevant for me or for my family.  It is starting to make a difference. Shelves are emptying, drawers are cleaned out.

In the past, I would sort and organize - buy more containers to sort and organize and store things. At the end of this there will be a stack of storage bins to donate because I won't have anything to store in them!

And so the game continues - one week left until the 30th, and then I will decide about continuing into December and starting over again on the 1st. One more month would take me deeper into things that are difficult to let go of.

In addition to the number of items I was able to throw away and donate, I also shredded a large black trashbag of paperwork I thought at some point was necessary to keep.  Turns out, it really isn't that important.

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