Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Days 18 & 19: Thirty Minutes and Thirty Seven Things Gone

Days 18 & 19: The Minimalism Game: Kitchen 

It only took thirty minutes. 30!

Upstairs and downstairs, 
opening cupboards and drawers ad 37 items are gone. 
Recycled, donated and given away.

Some of these things are so old an unusable that I made the picture sepia to make them look better...also, it hides the dust!

Goals: Keep only what we use.
Replace the ancient crock pot and cookie sheets with a better quality.

Observations:  I thought it would take longer to find 18 things, yet 19 more was easy.
Everything I am donating and giving away is out of excess. For the most part unused.
The space each day of this games creates is amazing.

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