Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 17: The Minimalism Game

Day 17: The Minimalism Game:  "Reusable Bags"

During this month I have been led by events to go through stuff and get rid of what isn't needed or useful. Today I was cleaning out an old bag I used for work and it led to a pile of bags - many of which were reusable, but never reused.

So we don't use plastic bags, but what is the point if we don't reuse all of these bags? It's the same amount of waste.  I donated and recycled what we don't use.

17 bags we don't use

What did I keep?  Insulated and reusable green bags for our shopping and for the days we pick up food from Mass Local Food.  I kept a tall cooler bag for drinks/wine/etc. for when we bring wine or other beverages to cookouts or BYOB dinners.  I also kept the blue square hot/cold bag for cookouts and pot lucks because a crock pot fits inside it.

What we do use

I am assuming I will find more bags as I continue, but this is a great start!

Goals: keep one of the cloth bags with us so we don't need to purchase more.
Store in a place the whole family is aware of so we can use them.
Shop less!

Observations:  Even a good thing, like reusable bags can become a money and time sink and waste producer. Planning, less impulsive shopping, and just being aware of our actions will prevent the pile from returning.

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