Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 8: One foot in front of the other...

Day 8:  Shoes

Today the goal was to get rid of 8 things.
 I have chosen clothing and shoes for this week. 
This morning I told myself I would get rid of 4 pairs of shoes and that would be 8 items.

Easy enough, right?

I ventured in halls and basements and corners and dug up the 7 pairs 
(and one of Rob's to make 8)  that I would throw away - 
they aren't in any condition to donate, just taking up space.

When I looked at each of the pairs of shoes I have, 
I realized how few of them fit me, were in a great condition, 
comfortable to wear and were actually useful.

I kept the shoes and boots I wear: short dress boots, tall dress boots, 
rain boots, hiking boots, gardening shoes, sneakers, dress sandals and slippers...

I see from what I kept that I really hate wearing shoes most of the time and prefer boots. 
Much more on the practical and useful side and less on the fashion. 

I will probably add in a basic dress show of some kind - 
something between sandals and boots,
but, for now, I am happy with what I have and what I let go of.

I am obviously not really fancy, but I have my moments, and still...
my kind of fancy prefers not to wear shoes!

This little exercise cleared a shelf in the front hall and a shelf in the back hall.
Now there is room for the shoes I actually use in a place I can easily find them 
and keep them in good condition. 

This might seem like a small thing but ask yourself if you 
are willing to take on the challenge...
bring your shoe pile down by half and see if you really miss them!

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